This blog is all about my exchange year in England! The organisation I’m going with is YFU but in the UK I’m with their partner organisation Inter Studies.


Now many people probably ask themselves why this blog is called pumkinsandfunthings.

The reason I chose this rather special name was because I didn’t want to name my blog something like hannainengland, hannasexchangeyear or myyearintheuk. It would have limited this blog to my exchange year only and who knows, maybe I want to continue writing this blog when my exchange year is over.

So I started looking for another name that has something to do with me. Because I really like food I started looking for fruits and vegetables I like and thought about how I could make titles out of them. So with all foods I found, I thought of words that rhymed them and would make a fitting title. And finally – after many friends’ advices – I found this combination.

pumpkins and fun things



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